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Data Entry

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ProGeOM team relies on modern and emerging software in the digital world to build our projects or clients' projects with the latest technology available to us on the path of renewable technology

We always strive to be the only company that offers our unique type of services such as programming, design, websites, mobile applications, systems for factories, offices, restaurants, etc. Our projects speak about the quality of our work and this is what we do :)

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How to start learning web design

Hello, I am sure you did not come here unless you are interested in learning how to design a website and display your work on it and create your own work on the internet whatever your goal of creating the site, I am in this blog will help you step by step until you know the secrets of this industry.

I would like to remind you that this blog is for those who want to learn programming and designing websites by writing codes and so on, with the possibility that you can create your site without writing code but you will not get the same results as if you learned to write codes. If the creation and development of a website is divided into three sections

Front-end development

Back-end developmet

UI design

So what does this mean?

When you decide as a company or person to create a site, the first thing you do is imagine the site's interfaces and final form, and here you will almost draw this on paper, but in fact this is called UI Design, where you design and draw the interfaces in a painting program Photoshop, for example.

Then these graphics will be converted into HTML-labeled tags so you can view them on your browser. You will also use a technique called CSS that is responsible for everything that is beautiful in the site of colors, fonts, ripples and components that blend together to produce a great world of sites. -end development).

If you notice that most of the sites today interact with you and enable you to write comments and communicate with others and the work of many and many things are wonderful and can not be limited, yes this is done by the server or server performs the calculations and provides you simply and the front of the site, Websites in different languages, most commonly PHP, as an extension to Python, Ruby and even Java

These languages ​​enable you to do many tasks such as performing calculations, knowing the weather, searching files and websites, sharing files, uploading pictures, downloading books and buying online. All this is for back-end development.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

We are almost finished but a question remains, why do you learn programming and web design?

The answer is that today the world has become very dependent on the Internet, and the Internet world of its components Internet sites that provide information and services to all users across the world, and companies are expanding their business over the Internet because if your organization or company Web site will certainly have a greater presence of companies that Do not offer their services online.

How to start your journey in site programming

One of the most important questions asked me as a programmer and web designer for 4 years is how do I learn programming? What are the ways to learn programming? In this topic we will talk about how to learn programming and design sites and how to reap the benefits of everything you learned, programming sites have become very required because the number of sites are increasing by thousands every day and became the request of programmers and software frequently.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

- How to start your journey in programming sites:

To begin your journey in the world of programming and web design you must before any step Understand the mechanisms of the work sites and requirements In order to have a website you must have knowledge of domain names and the world of the extension and types and additions used by the public as we know that there are extensions support ASP and Other PHP supports the difference between them that the first characterized by high price and often found only major companies are operated by the type (ie jobs are somewhat weak), in contrast to PHP supports and most of which indicates that the PHP programmer will have more business opportunities than the programmer ASP Here you will decide what language you want to learn and want to learn Rmj them. And the big mistake that is exposed to the programming learners that they are not experts in the management of sites and do not know the mechanisms and mechanisms used by the systems and characteristics of any website to give you an example: you learned programming and you want to programming a site is strong in the latter there is a system of membership registration must know first How registration and information required to increase the security of the site through the conditions of some of the information is mandatory such as e-mail, name, password and increase the percentage of protection. If you entered a site and could register your membership with an empty name, for example, it would cause a problem on the site that could be considered a loophole.

- Which languages ​​to learn:

Before you start learning software languages, you should first love the language you want to learn and never doubt your ability to understand and fiddle with the time you commit to learning away from social networks. To talk to you about the programming languages ​​of the famous sites and not the best languages, there is a mistake in which there is a lot and that they claim that there is programming language better than others. This is a big mistake, you can say that the language is better and it is not for you, you are not for everyone to listen to these language programming that is best for you are that you are comfortable and you find yourself in your enjoyment.

We begin with learning in the same way that we learned years ago and successfully

1 - HTML language for the construction of the site and its structure and much thought that they have been programmed. It is a language for website building and not a very easy programming language. You can start learning it as the first language you learn with HTML5 learning, which is about HTML extensions and improvements.

2 - CSS language design and coordination means that when you access to a site you find it decorated with effects If you pass the mouse to write the color changes and colors are consistent This is the function of CSS and has a stick of CSS 2.0 and the latest version is CSS 3 also features additive Use Photoshop designs inside the site.

3-Javascript is a great language especially with the JQUERY JQUERY library which helps you to put wonderful effects like Sliding Keys, Slashshoo, Enter comments without updating page ...

4 - PHP programming language used by many and many programmers and many sites also reverse ASP language as we mentioned in the subject. This is the most important language in programming the properties of sites and in dealing with MYSQL databases that must be learned as well. From here I may have talked about the languages ​​that you should learn to start in the world of programming and design, but as a very important point does not learn the language of software without putting an application to them, for example ended PHP learning should be programmed PHP project and then moved to learn other languages ​​and if you want to establish codes In your mind you should apply and repeat the application when you study a particular lesson in a specific programming language.